Delta Action Gaining Traction

Blacktipped-BirdsOverRiceField_224x150December 17, 2012

By Charles Gardiner, Executive Director

The past couple of months have offered the Delta Vision Foundation important opportunities to communicate a vision for the Delta that is essential to solving California’s water challenges. Two important water leadership conferences provided a forum to emphasize the urgency of immediate action to address critical needs in the Delta, and advance the Two Co-Equal Goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability.

On December 5th, DVF President Sunne Wright McPeak inspired the more than 1,500 water leaders attending the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) conference in San Diego to work together and get solutions moving. She highlighted the need for linked, integrated action that will achieve the Two Co-Equal Goals, saying, “Fish need water, so we have to build the water infrastructure that will allow us to capture water in wet years when it is truly surplus to the environment. Only then can we eliminate the conflict between fish and farms by leaving water for the ecosystem in dry years.” As anyone tuned into the State’s water challenges knows, current operations in the Delta divert more water in dry years than in wet years, as shown on the info-graphic at the end of this post.

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