Delta Plan Is Headed Toward the Finish/Starting Line

Marina in the Sacramento-San Joaquin DeltaDecember 3, 2012

By Charles Gardiner, Executive Director

“A comprehensive management plan for the Delta is now within reach.” Those are the words spoken by Delta Stewardship Council Chairman Phil Isenberg upon the release of the Final Draft Delta Plan on November 30, 2012.

The release is a significant step forward in the decades long effort to address the Delta’s challenges. It’s also a major milestone in implementing the Delta Vision Strategic Plan, the granddaddy of Delta planning documents. Released in 2008, the Strategic Plan described a vision and strategy for achieving a sustainable Delta over the next 50 to 100 years through implementation of 85 integrated, linked actions to achieve the Two Co-Equal Goals of ecosystem restoration and water supply reliability. With legislation passed in 2009 to establish new governance and ratify the Two Co-equal Goals as official state policy for the Delta, the state has set a new direction for resolving the estuary’s problems while protecting and enhancing the Delta as an evolving place.

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